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Title: Chromium & GuiPlug running standalone web application SPEED
Post by: uiltd on 25 April 2012, 09:24:28 am
Hi All,

I am currently working on a project using a DreamPlugGui (With mimo usb touch screen) that will be fitted into a clients delivery vans.

To keep things simple I decided to use lighttpd, PHP and sqlite to develop the application and as the DreamPlug will not have any internet access whilst on the road I have installed the packages to the DP.

Everything is running ok except for a few issues with the speed between loading pages, there can be a 4+ second delay between switching pages that are locally served. This delay is causing the client to have second thoughts but I am sure there is a way to speed things up!.

I am currently using Chromium but the version in the software manager is only version 6.xxxx so this could be a potential point for improvement / change  of browser.

I also understand that writing to the SD card will have a fairly large delay and for this reason disabling history & caching etc within the browser could save some time.

I have already moved my session data into memcached & disabled al but error logging in lighttpd for this reason.
Could a RAM disk help for either browser cache (if it cant be disabled) or the web application files (moved into ram at boot)? But SD is supposed to be a fast read so maybe not?

My questions really are........

1. Is there a faster alternative to Chromium version 6? or a higher version that will run on the DP?
2. Any ideas on disabling the cache & history etc in chromium?
3. Could part of the delay be due to the USB moitor refresh (I doubt it though)
4. What about a different window manager and how would I go about setting one up (will that reduce overheads and then increase speeds??)
5. As in 4. how would i go about dropping the desktop env and just launching into the browser?
6. ANy other ideas????