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Title: Guiplug - What is it?
Post by: NewITMalcolm on 26 November 2010, 12:09:39 pm
Guiplug allows the Sheevaplug to become an ultra low energy and very small Desktop PC with Touchscreen capability built in.

It is currently available from the shop as a Standard or eSata Multiboot Sheevaplug with the following USB Monitor Options.

The software is provided on a choice of 4Gb / 8Gb SD card and uses Debian Squeeze with a Gnome Desktop and currently using kernel 2.6.36

As well as a Desktop PC the Guiplug is capable of becoming a Citrix Client, Touchpanel control, NX client, RDP / VNC client etc.

The 7" Monitors do require a powered USB hub which will allow extra USB devices such as Keyboard / Mouse / 3G Usb Modem to be added. The 10" mini-monster has a built in 2 port powered hub.

USB Monitors and Guiplug SD cards are available from the shop for those who already have NewIT multiboot sheevaplug's.