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Author Topic: uboot on googlegroups  (Read 8606 times)


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uboot on googlegroups
« on: 18 February 2011, 04:03:29 pm »

Hi superpat,

I noticed you uploaded a uboot onto Google groups Dec19 2010, The site doesn't seem to hold any info about it. Do you have any?

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Re: uboot on googlegroups
« Reply #1 on: 20 February 2011, 09:48:53 am »

HI James

I got my wrist slapped for uploading that!

(I was technically breaching GPL rules in that the sources as well as the binary should have been posted, but I didn't have the source).

That binary however was the ONLY working uboot for the Ultimate that supports all the features, i.e. Sata, netboot, AND SDcard  booting

I had been trying for months to get Globalscale and or Einfochips to release a working uboot, but  a very kind person emailed me with a pointer to where I could dl the uboot he had modified.

If you read the OpenRd forum you will see that another poster has taken up the challenge, he has obtained and posted a pointer to the the sources and is trying to get the modified uboot incorporated into the "mainstrem" uboot repository.

For general information....  The modified Uboot works very well.  At present I have my Ultimate set up as a home NAS.  I am booting Debian from an Transcend micro SDcard, class 6, with  RFS on SD card, I have two Sata 2.5in 500Gb drives set up as a Raid 1, (mirroring), the Ultimate is running headless. Total power consumption around 10 - 12 Watts (both drives spinning).  I have loaded the raid pair up with my photo collection, Music collection and system backups for the myriads of other computers we have here. 

I used to use Squeezeserver but lost patience with the very slow clunky software. I have built a 3W Lx800 cpu system on a thin client running Voyage Linux and music player demon. The audio is output via a USB DAC (ESS Dr Nano), connected to my HiFI system. The MPD is served with audio flac files via NFS from the Utimate based server. I control the MPD, select items to listen to, produce playlists. start, stop, set volume, look at album art etc.  using an elcheapo Chinese android tablet, running an Andoid app  mpcdroid client.  I can successfully stream and listen to very high quality audio  at 24 bit / 96kbps from the various high quality websites.



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