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Author Topic: Dreamplug uboot bootloader dump/backup/recovery  (Read 6971 times)


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Dreamplug uboot bootloader dump/backup/recovery
« on: 13 April 2011, 07:20:11 pm »

I am working with a dreamplug now and would really like it to be able to load a kernel from the external SD card.
I have found two limitations of the current bootloader, one being that it does not recognize the external SD card as a storage device on boot, the other being that it does not support the command "ext2load" that I am using with a guruplug currently, I did replace the uboot loader on the guruplug to a later version.

I would like to find out how I can archive the current bootloader (uboot) incase something goes wrong and I need to recover from it.
I believe I already know a method to use to replace the existing bootloader though through TFTP and the "sf write" command.

From the guruplug it was possible to use the command "nanddump" from within the linux OS to dump out the nand chip, however, there seems to be a lack for a driver for the nor flash with the Ubuntu 9 build that is on the dreamplug and it does not show up in /dev as a device as the guruplug and sheeva plugs did.  Is there a driver or method to be able to dump this either from the bootloader or the operating system?

And finally I would like to try to update uboot to a more recent version that has the "ext2load" support as well as the ability to see the external SD card in the bootloader (even "usb tree" does not enumerate it, however it enumerates hard disks and flash memory plugged into either of the external USB ports).  I have obtained the current source tree for u-boot but the dreamplug is not listed as a platform (as of yet) and one complication is how to support the 2MB NOR flash.  It would be great if it was known what needed to be done to create the specifications necessary to build a new u-boot from source.

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