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Author Topic: how to access the dreamplug via its MAC address?  (Read 3830 times)


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how to access the dreamplug via its MAC address?
« on: 15 April 2011, 06:10:42 am »

     Recently I have been working with some data acquisition system (DAQ). I have a software that can be used to talk to the DAQ, given the MAC address of DAQ and computer. I can connect my laptop, via ethernet port, to DAQ and acquire data by providing MAC address of eth0 of my laptop. I would like to do the same with Dreamplug instead of my laptop. Sometime ago I was able to do this with guruplug (server plus). But now I am not able to do that with dreamplug and even can't reproduce the same with old guru (don't know what have changed).
     When I do 'ifconfig', it always shows the same MAC address, so stability of MAC address is not a problem. I would very much appreciate some help on this. I can provide other details, if you want. 
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