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Author Topic: "Bus error" from vim on Dreamplug  (Read 36155 times)


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Re: "Bus error" from vim on Dreamplug
« Reply #30 on: 07 May 2011, 09:56:12 pm »

Replaced the microsd with a new 16Gb class 4 (not ideal, but will do for now), filesystem previously mounted on a separate pc and recreated from the release files as per instructions... and now it works perfectly. I'm almost tempted to try again with the wifi client mode.

It's a shame that such a lovely concept kit should be let down badly by issues purely related to software and quality-control. In that regard, it reminds me of the Nokia N900.

I looked at it as a mere niggle.   Although the Integral SD card isn't as fast as I had hoped, it is faster than I expected.  Indeed,  so far (which isn't long) the whole DreamPlug package is exceeding my expectations.  I had been planning on running the DreamPlug for a while before using it as my live web server, but it all went so smoothly and looked so good that when I left my  office on Thursday that I left it going as a live system to see how it would do over the 4  days I'll be working at home.  I've been keeping an eye on it remotely, and it is doing fine[1].    You've got to remember that this is all very low volume, early adopter type stuff. 

[1] I have noticed that heavy disk access using the usb device really pegs the load.  So, I keep thinking about a flash drive to run off the esata port.

Best wishes,


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Re: "Bus error" from vim on Dreamplug
« Reply #31 on: 14 May 2011, 09:01:36 pm »

+Another one with the bus error after a day of usage

Edit: I managed to install debian from here and upgrade to squeeze

Could somebody help me out by pointing me towards some clear instructions on how to install Debian on the 2gb internal SD card? I have it removed (got to buy an external card reader tomorrow, doh!) and understand the partitioning bit but do not understand which image to download from all the various bits of scattered info.

Thanks in advance
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Re: "Bus error" from vim on Dreamplug
« Reply #32 on: 17 May 2011, 09:39:12 am »

I had the same problems with my DreamPlug, as soon as I started apt-get install'ing - and running - additional applications..
attempt to access beyond end of device                                      
sda2: rw=1, want=3639144, limit=3634038                                    
Buffer I/O error on device sda2, logical block 454892                      
lost page write due to I/O error on sda2
EXT3-fs error (device sda2): ext3_find_entry: reading directory #112085 offset 0
The 'odd' formatting of the supplied micro-SD card seemed to be the cause of the problem..

I formatted a replacement 16GB micro-SD card as follows:

Disk /dev/sda: 16.0 GB, 16046358528 bytes
64 heads, 32 sectors/track, 15303 cylinders, total 31340544 sectors
Units = sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes
Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes
I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes
Disk identifier: 0x00000000

Device     Boot      Start         End      Blocks       Id  System
/dev/sda1            2048      411647      204800       4  FAT16 <32M
/dev/sda2          411648    31340543  15464448   83  Linux

- and copied uImage to the FAT/DOS partition, and the filesystem (and appropriate kernel modules) to the Linux/EXT3 partition.

I am now running Fedora 13, and have cross-compiled kernel 2.6.39-rc7 on my x86_64 system, using
armv5tel-redhat-linux-gnueabi-gcc, uboot-tools, etc..:

$ uname -a
Linux rgdreamplug 2.6.39-rc7 #1 PREEMPT Mon May 16 15:37:34 BST 2011 armv5tel armv5tel armv5tel GNU/Linux

The system runs well, with none of the previous errors..

Robert Gadsdon.

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Re: "Bus error" from vim on Dreamplug
« Reply #33 on: 20 July 2011, 02:16:15 pm »

Having just ordered a Dreamplug, I have to ask: is this a problem that I have to deal with? Should I be getting ready to order a replacement card or can I avoid opening the case (I've also ordered a Jtag unit)
The thread is a little bit confusing for a noob at the moment :)

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