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Author Topic: JTAG Adaptor pinouts  (Read 5245 times)


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JTAG Adaptor pinouts
« on: 11 June 2011, 03:07:10 pm »

I was wondering about what else I could do with the JTAG Adaptor.

we all know the pinout of the JTAG connector


This is the larger, 8-pin connector. The layout is:
Pin    Line
1    GND
2    JT_TDI
4    JT_TDO
5    JT_CLK
7    JT_RESETn
8    3.3V
But how about these board mounted pins? Is the UART serial also available from here? unfortunately (as I'd need a TTL-USB device with a 3.3V VCC right now) it's not except for GND:

They are marked 12 upwards, 19 and 20 down. If you take a close look, you'll see the numbers on the board:
1: black (3.3V)2:nc
3:brown (JT_RESETn)4:red (GND)/black(uart)
5:purple (JT_TDI)6:red (GND)/black(uart)
7:white (JT_TMS_CPU)8:red (GND)/black(uart)
9:yellow (JT_CLK)10:red (GND)/black(uart)
11:green (JT_TDO)12:red (GND)/black(uart)
13:blue (RST_SYS_OUT)14:red (GND)/black(uart)
15:nc16:red (GND)/black(uart)
17:nc18:red (GND)/black(uart)
19:nc20:red (GND)/black(uart)
it's a pity the engineers preferred to connect GND to after all nine pins instead of also mounting up these three UART pins.
anyway, hope this may be helpfull
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