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Author Topic: Routine Debian update/full-upgrade GUI problems  (Read 4371 times)


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Routine Debian update/full-upgrade GUI problems
« on: 14 November 2011, 11:05:20 am »

Is anyone else having GUI problems with Gnome after routine updating of Sheevaplug?

Three sheevaplugs I have recently performed update/full-upgrade on now show an error when trying to bring up a vnc session. I think the problem is broken Gnome version 3 in the debian armel wheezy repository. I note the stable version of Gnome is 2.3. Although GUI is not mission critical for the three plugs at this time, GUI is a handy tool for some applications (e.g. for a software defined radio application).

Tony Pemberton


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Re: Routine Debian update/full-upgrade GUI problems
« Reply #1 on: 14 November 2011, 12:58:02 pm »


Having tried a few combinations of Squeeze/Wheezy with Gnome/lxde/kde/xfce I have found that Squeeze with Gnome is the most reliable and the quickest at the moment.

Firefox v7 with Wheezy is very buggy on armel at present with lot's of random crashing.

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