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Author Topic: new kernel installation procedure  (Read 4188 times)


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new kernel installation procedure
« on: 21 March 2012, 03:09:06 pm »

Hi everyone.  I appreciate this subject is widely covered in both this and the plug computer forum (I've spent a while reading about it now) but I'm going to attempt a kernel update for the first time so I thought better safe than sorry.  I have a late 2011 dreamplug running the uImage/linux kernel and a debian distro.

If I understand correctly, one way of doing the kernel upgrade, using a pre-compiled kernel, is as follows:
1) download the uImage from the desired upgrade here:
2) download the modules and headers from the same place
3) modify the boot paramters to boot from an external usb stick and, assuming the internal sd is /dev/sda, install as follows:
- mount /dev/sda1 and copy in the new uImage from the usb stick
- mount /dev/sda2 and extract the modules and headers from the usb stick

I have the following questions:
a) apart from changing the boot parameters to use the usb stick (and then changing them back) are there any other changes I need to make to them?  This would seem to imply no:,2116.msg6051.html#msg6051
b) I noticed the modules and headers at are named "sheevaplug".  Can these be used for the dreamplug too?
c) I sometimes get wrong footed by tar so I wanted to confirm: let's say the modules and headers are in the directory /home on the usb stick mounted at /media/usb3 and /dev/sda2 is mounted at /mnt, to extract them correctly I go to /media/usb3/home and execute: tar zxvf [modules/headers].tar.gz -C /mnt
d) Is it 'mandatory' to install the new headers?  I'm assuming it would be limiting not to but I want to understand the implications.
e) if I'm running debian can I run a 3x kernel or do I need to stay with the 2.6x tree?  Any suggestions on a good working upgrade to use?
f) anything else?!

A huge thanks in advance to anyone who cares to comment.
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