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Author Topic: Efika MX crashing after a few days  (Read 3384 times)


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Efika MX crashing after a few days
« on: 26 April 2012, 11:31:46 am »

I have an Efika but I'm unable to make it stay up for more than a couple of days before it locks out, requiring a power off/on to recover it.

I have a LAMP stack installed (although I'm pretty sure it was dying before I installed that). I have a script that collects data every second and stores it in a MySQL database which allows me (as a side effect) to see how long it's staying up but when it dies there's nothing useful logged anywhere I can see. (It was dying before I had the script written so that's not the cause, it's just a useful way to see how long it stays up for).


I've emailed tech support but not had any reply and this is supposed to be installed on a customer site next week (and I have plenty more work to do on it yet!)
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