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Author Topic: Debian Squeeze freezes in response to ifconfig ethX down  (Read 2983 times)


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Debian Squeeze freezes in response to ifconfig ethX down
« on: 23 April 2012, 03:22:13 pm »

I have installed Debian Squeeze on an external SD card which has been running quite nice with an uptime of 65 days, until yesterday.
I've installed openswan and I wanted to disable eth0 that I was not using by doing ifconfig eth0 down, when I was logged in by root (yes, bad practice..)

Debian had both eth0 and eth1 configured with static ips, and eth0 was not connected to network. The device was connected via eth1.
It appears ifconfig eth0 down kills the device, not responding to any further ssh requests. After experiencing this two times, I've edited interfaces file, and commented out all lines related to eth0.

Result? The device can't boot anymore, or at least it is not accessible from network. Why on earth ifconfig would kill it when the interface is not even connected, and why would commenting out the lines related to that interface in the interfaces file stop it from booting in a way that is accessible to network?

I'll probably have to tweak the files no the card by placing it in my laptop, but I'd love to get some feedback about what I may be missing here.

Kind regards

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