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Author Topic: How to build my own GuiPlug ?  (Read 4732 times)


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How to build my own GuiPlug ?
« on: 27 April 2012, 03:26:15 pm »


I've been neglecting my SheevaPlug for some time now, and though i do not have much time off studying (much == non so ever), i do want to get more knowledge about linux inner working and how to customize it.

I believe that building my own GuiPlug system should help my get a bit better knowledge about cross compiling, setting linux services and compiling drivers.
As an EE student this is way off my current study material so i would appreciate some hints how to get this done.

I do want to cross compile on x86 preferable debian for arm (but arch linux should work for me also).

This may be a bit rude to ask this on the NewIT forum as it's main product is the GuiPlug with the customized debian build but i really would appreciate more info from NewIT_James about how the GuiPlug system configured and compiled.

I believe others would like this info too.
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Re: How to build my own GuiPlug ?
« Reply #1 on: 04 May 2012, 08:25:46 pm »

Not much activity here.  ???

Maybe compiling the whole system may not be the best approach.

I believe these would be the steps necessary to configure my own GuiPlug system.

1. Install a recent debian release on my SD card by following this guide .
2. (optional) Updating to the last kernel (currently i'm not sure how to do that).
3. Setting a vnc server ?
4. Displaylink drivers should be already on the kernel so only xorg configuration needed.
5. Calibrate touch screen.

I would love to get more suggestions about configuring a fresh Debian system to act as the GuiPlug, there are surely more than few configs needed to be made.
I also would love to get some links to guides about the steps above.
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