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Author Topic: Questions about Pricing  (Read 8433 times)


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Questions about Pricing
« on: 29 September 2009, 06:15:39 pm »

Why should I buy from New IT?

If you are located in a territory where there is an existing Marvell partner, we advise you to go direct to the appropriate partner.

New IT has acted in partnership with GlobalScale Technologies to bring the SheevaPlug to Europe. Up until now, the only way that European customers could purchase a SheevaPlug was by importing from the U.S.A. The cost of shipping is significant (almost 50% of the cost of the unit), and purchasers have been shocked to receive additional invoices (often several weeks after receipt of the product) for import duties or taxes (17.5% VAT in the UK, for instance, plus the handling fee of the courier that collects that fee). None of these difficult-to-swallow costs can be avoided... except by importing in bulk and distributing within a new territory. We are exclusive distributors of the SheevaPlug in Europe.

Discounts for quantities:

We offer the following discounts for multiple purchases of standard units in one transaction
  • 1 - 3 Plugs  = 0%
  • 4 – 8 Plugs  = less 2%
  • 9–19 Plugs  = less 4%
  • 20+  Plugs = less 6%

Our shop prices include VAT and there will be no additional duties within EU countries. If you are outside the EU, we strongly recommend that you compare our prices to those quoted by other partners. Do not forget to allow for any import duties, and if you would like a personalised quote (there are many choices of shipping method, not all the options are listed on our shop site), please drop a line to [email protected] and tell us the quantity you are interested in purchasing, and the country to which you would like your SheevaPlug(s) delivered.

In addition, New IT is adding value to the product:

Our guarantee allows you to return faulty product to New IT within the first 30 days after purchase. After that period (and within the 12 month guarantee period), you may have to return the item to GlobalScale Technologies. Please discuss any problems that you have with your SheevaPlug with us first; we will endeavour to resolve such problems without having to take this step, if at all possible.

We are providing a support site where you can ask for advice with your SheevaPlug, and discuss projects that you would like us to support.

In the fullness of time, we hope to offer configuration options for your plug, so that when your purchase arrives, it is already pre-configured with particular applications. The forum will be a good place for us all to gauge the popularity of particular features (the SheevaPlug is customisable in so many ways, we can't give all the possibilities here), so please visit the forum and join in.

We will test the compatibility of some of the most common accessories that you might like to connect to your SheevaPlug - for instance USB wireless sticks - and help you configure them. We're looking in to providing alternative boot options (i.e. SD card or USB stick) at the time of purchase, but for now we know there is plenty of information on these topics online.

So, for the moment, if you can see the potential of owning a SheevaPlug, and you feel confident that you can configure it to run useful applications - with or without our help - please compare our prices with the costs of importing.

This text is also available here
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A true example
« Reply #1 on: 31 May 2010, 01:07:47 pm »

Before NewIT were selling the GuruPlug, I ordered one directly from GlobalScale Technologies.
I paid £79.49 for a UK GuruPlug Server Plus, plus £31.76 shipping to FedEx, plus a post-delivery invoice for £14.65 duty and £10 handling fee, making a total of £135.80. Compare with NewIT's price of £115.

(I qualified for a free JTAG board, which means I came out just ahead this time.)
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