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Author Topic: Raspberry Pi does what I wanted it to do, although it isn't very exciting.  (Read 4173 times)


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The Raspberry Pi I got from the NewIT store does exactly what I want, although, as I said, it isn't very exciting.  I stream music from a central server (MPD) to other computers around the house.  In two rooms I have general purpose Linux computers (my workstation in one, a movie player in another), but in one room I only have a cheapo Android tablet hooked up to some active speakers.

Since I use MPD+pulseaudio(rtp-send) from the server to pulseaudio(rtp-recv) on the desktop and movie player the music in those two rooms was in sync.  However, the Android tablet to active speakers was the odd man out.   It not being in sync bothered me.  I like being able to go from room to room without the discontinuities.   Hence the Raspberry Pi.

All the Raspberry PI does is sit hidden away listening for RTP multicast to feed to the active speakers  (through an external, USB soundcard, which, unfortunately, cost almost as much as the Raspberry).  All the music players in the house are now singing from the same hymn sheet.  (I still do ordinary streaming to the shed, where I have a Nokia N800 hooked up to active speakers, but it not being in sync doesn't matter.)   

I may think of additional things for that Raspberry to do later.  A couple come to mind, one of the more interesting to to add a GPS PPS receiver.

Best wishes,
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