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Author Topic: RPi Version 2 hardware change  (Read 3491 times)


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RPi Version 2 hardware change
« on: 06 December 2012, 07:37:52 pm »

After much tinkering and thinking my i2c temperature hardware (Maxim DS2482S/DS18S20) was not working on version 2 Rpi's (when it was on version 1 Rpi's) I have discovered that pins 3 and 5 on P1 have changed.

On version 1:-
     P1-3 is I2C-0 SDA
     P1-5 is I2C-0 SCL

On version 1:-
     P1-3 is I2C-1 SDA
     P1-5 is I2C-1 SCL

Whilst hardware will still work between versions, configuration files do need to change. In my case that is 'etc/owfs.conf' viz:-

Code: [Select]
# I2C device: DS2482-100
# If Raspberry Pi version 1
#server: device = /dev/i2c-0
# If Raspberry Pi version 2
server: device = /dev/i2c-1

The changes are not particularly obvious in the write-ups so far but certain things might have to be catered for with Gertboards, Piface or Sheepwalk Electronics RPI2 boards. again hardware should be OK but configuration to use '/dev/i2c-1' should be noted.

Tony Pemberton
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