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Author Topic: Howto self crosscompile Xilka kernels  (Read 3852 times)


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Howto self crosscompile Xilka kernels
« on: 24 February 2013, 11:47:57 am »

Hello everyone,

i tried to compile the kernels of and failed a long time.

But finally i got it work and i want to share this work.

What i provide are 3 build scripts to do this work on a Ubuntu machine (testet on 12.10)
These scripts may work on debian as well.
I have not tested if all dependencies are included, so i need feedback.
Other linux distributions need slight modifications of the scripts.

What the scripts do:
-download build dependencies
-download the script form
-patch it against newer library sources
-patch it to use multiple cpu cores
-patch it to build arm-eabi-none toolchain instead of arm-elf
-build the toolchain in the directory gnu-arm-toolchain
-download linux sources
-download the patches necessary from
-disable support for Cambridge Electronic Design 1401 USB support (this module does not compile with this toolchain)
-enable some other modules (needed to compile wifi modules)
-use the previous built toolchain to cross compile the kernel and modules and install it to directory dreamplug_install (ATTENTION only for Wifi 'g' Dreamplug users)
-download wifi sources
-patch them against kernel 3.7.9
-build modules and install to directory dreamplug_install

you have to copy the file structure to the dreamplug then
this kernel should work with the uboot version shipped by new-it (with the guruplug machine id)

based on this you can implement your own patches and so on

What's missing:
I don't have a wifi n dreamplug so the wifi modules for this type are missing.
I did not bother to compile the bluetooth module. It needs to be patched against the newer kernel. I don't need it.
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