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Author Topic: Changing DreamPlug's IP address  (Read 3830 times)


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Changing DreamPlug's IP address
« on: 26 July 2013, 08:35:46 am »

The DreamPlug's default assignment of as the IP address for WiFi access is problematic. I have an established intranet with that address already allocated (to the internal side of the firewall) so I can't follow the advice of turning the existing device off(!) to get around the conflict. There are other users of the intranet and I can't shut them off while I play. Plus my development workstation is a dual-ported Mac sitting on the wired network and WiFied to an existing WiFi router, if I switch to dream-uAP-* then there will two and it ain't going to like that. Currently I'm making do with an old MacBook Pro that isn't dual-ported but that's real hard work.

It looks to be trivial to change the DreamPlug's address but in routling around the default .1.1 address seems to be assumed in loads of the other network setup files (IIRC the dhcpd .conf file is one such). Years ago I used to be a Fedora user but for the last decade have been an OS X user so the "name changing to protect the innocent" (aka different names for daemons, setup scripts, etc) in Debian Linux has me confused about what else might be lurking there to catch me out. Anyone compiled a list of all the other ".conf" files that would have to be changed in parallel with to effect the change?

I've no issue with working through the relevant manpages provided I know I have to do it.

In production mode the DreamPlug is going to be connected to the intranet via Ethernet so the address has to be changed. There is an existing WiFi router as and an access point sitting on .3.1 (I think) which means the DreamPlug's WiFi will probably end up as .4.1

Management want more of these plug systems added for development purposes so I'm going to have to go through this exercise more than once. As they'll be available to the other intranet users I can't afford to get this wrong and miss something vital in the setup(s).


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Re: Changing DreamPlug's IP address
« Reply #1 on: 29 July 2013, 08:47:19 am »

These are the required changes I have come up with.

Code: [Select]
/etc/default/dnsmasq:DNSMASQ_OPTS="--cache-size=200 --interface=uap0 --listen-address="
/etc/udhcpd.conf:opt     router
/etc/udhcpd.conf:opt     dns
/root/ uap0 up
/root/k2.6.33.7/ uap0 up
/root/k2.6.39.4/ uap0 up
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