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Author Topic: Help wanted! paid support requested.  (Read 2752 times)


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Help wanted! paid support requested.
« on: 24 March 2014, 03:19:41 am »

I apologize is this post is ofensive or unapropiate for this forum. It's a serious request. (Forum's terms and conditios checked and agreeded)

I'm requesting and willing to pay for support configuring my dreamplug. After several days trying, I was not able to set it up under the following configuration:

Dreamplug model 003-DS2001
Version : 0802 0201 (this numbers are located to the rigth of my unit's serial number. The first one over the second one).
It shipped with a 2GB internal micro SD

The requested final configuration would be a multiboot setup with:

1. Internal Micro SD Card,
8GB (provided by me), configured with last version of operating Debian system (or any decent recent version)  supported by the unit and all factory's configuration enabled (WiFi AP, Bluetooth, 2 functional Ethernet and USB ports) enabled and working ... Factory default, but with 8 GB) - I actually updated the original 2GB internal card  to a recent version of Debian, but described services are not working as they used to).

2. External SD Card (to boot in if inserted in plug)
16 GB (provided by me) configured with functional installation of Asterisk and FreePBX (or the pre-packaged solution like the one available at: *** No Asterisk Trunk/SIP/Routes configurations is required, just installation

The device is *not* bricked, and boots to 'Marvell>>" prompt. Recognizes all the USB devices/storage.
The updated version of Debian installed by me in the internal SD card boots and works fine. (WiFi, Bluetooth don't work)
I do have a jTAg, with working drivers and functional terminal connection.

My problem is I cant locate/identify/write(burn or dd)/install proper version of img's / uBoot / uImage / uInitrd / etc..
Errors I get while trying : device doesn't boots on 'burned' images / doesn't finds kernel, etc., probably for mixing versions.... ?
Am *very* frustrated  :(

Have $50-60 budget. Payment by Paypal.
As don't living in US/UK, I can't order/get the physical preconfigured cards at a reasonable (shipping) cost.

Would provide remote access to Mac computer and plug terminal (using Teamviewer or similar)
I'll pre-download any requested files (please provide the links to your suggested/required  files)

Please, post here if interested (and allowed) or PM me.

Thanks. Again, this is a *serious* request.

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