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Author Topic: win8 jtag usb driver install  (Read 6982 times)


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win8 jtag usb driver install
« on: 05 September 2014, 03:58:06 pm »

I succeeded to get the sheeva usb console working on windows 8.1 pro

the seed to succes is behind this post : ( do look to the other post mentioned first in his post)

first to do is to connect the sheevaplug by usb, in device manager unknown devices will appear
get the updated drivers from ; choose the .exe version and execute them as administrator
put the "CDM 2.04.16_SHEEVA" drivers from NewIt somewhere on your disk

now perform the part about disabling the driver signature enforcement in Windows 8 (see
Hint : in my win8.1 pro system the part about getting into troubleshooting mode did not work, hold down shift when clicking "restart" does the trick

after you've rebooted check device manager and right click the unknown JTAG key devices , choose update driver, choose from disk, browse to the location of the "2.04.16_SHEEVA" folder and then confirm  any warnings that you want to continue whith this driver

An unknown usb serial port appears in device manager, apply the same driver to it
after that just follow the manual about getting the comm port numer and setting the speed, etc..

now it works for me, after rebooting the "install unsigned driver " ability dissappears but the console through usb keeps working, as it should

hope this helps for you

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