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Author Topic: QCserial / USBserial  (Read 2965 times)


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QCserial / USBserial
« on: 10 September 2014, 02:44:42 pm »

Hello and Good Day.

I am trying to compile the QCSerial, resp. USBserial modules for the prepackaged Mirabox kernel.  Goal is to run a Gobi 1000 WWAN card.

The source tree is available here.
However, the source seem to be have version 2.6.35-9. The only linux headers that I can find from apt-get is 2.6.32 (i selected the Kirkwood one, arm port of Debian). From the Debian snapshot repo, I could find 2.6.35 headers, but Dpkg -i fails, for dependancy error (error message is just "could not resolve dependancies").

Moreover, seemingly, the QCserial /USBserial module sources are buggy. I downloaded the respective files from 3.2 source tree of ubuntu, they compiles, with 2.6.32 headers (which I _could_ install from apt-get, in comparison to 2.6.35, which is failing) but of course insmod / modprobe won't accept them due to version mismatch. The -f switch for insmod, as well as the modprobe --force has no effect what so ever.

Does anyone know how to get the above mentioned modules compiled and working. I am willing to install a new kernel, if so is desired. Just apt-get dist-update did not work, mirabox keeps on booting the old kernel, and the /boot directory is empty - I don't know where to look for to change the u-boot config files to load the new kernel.

Please Help.
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