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Author Topic: u-boot version that can deal with booting from either SATA or SD?  (Read 5977 times)


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Is there a uboot version for OpenRD-Ultimate that supports booting from SATA and SD at the same time (and for bonus points, USB too)?

I seem to be able to boot SD using one of the versions (3.4.19 which I think I found via a link here), but that tells me that the SATA is not
powered up by the time I get to Linux, and u-boot won't boot from it.

Another version I have (3.4.16 IIRC -- this was last week, and it's not in my head just now) supports the SATA enough to see it in u-boot, but I've not actually got round to trying booting yet.

It would be helpful if there was a bit more information about how the various u-boot images one sees referred to  were put together, assuming that the reason that different things are supported because different build options were given.  If there's a wiki page documenting this, I'd like to add my findings to it so others don't have to do the same tests.

BTW, isn't it actually a violation of the GPL for these various u-boot images to be floating about without the matching source and build methods being referenced?  Just a thought -- perhaps I've missed where this is all documented, but it's managed to confuse me so far.


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Re: u-boot version that can deal with booting from either SATA or SD?
« Reply #1 on: 18 December 2010, 08:35:50 am »

Hi Phil

Unfortunately Global Scale's response to me via New-It is that the Openrd only uses the SD card as a data storage device and not a a bootable device

I have been  corresponding with New-it for some time regarding what I regard as a cop out by Globalscale regarding this matter.

I would appreciate it if you would email Jason at New-IT stating your concerns.

Have a look at the other forum, you will find several very acrimonious threads regarding this matter.

One user does post a location to a git repository where the sources for his modified uboot are located.

The various unidentifiable versions of uboot are a disgrace , this has been raised with einfochips, (the original designers and support people for the open-rd), on several occasions, and on the Google Code open issues list, but einfochips have vanished, from the scene leaving the support to the ineffectual GlobalScale who  now manufacture the device, but have no presence in the forums


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